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30+ STEM Books for Kid

STEM STEAM Books for Kids

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30+ STEM Books for Kid

30+ STEM Books for Kid

Explore STEM and STEAM Children’s Books

With STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jobs projected to grow more than 8% by 2029, many children’s books aim to help the newest generation develop skills in these fields. What better way to encourage tomorrow’s architects, scientists, mathematicians, conservationists, activists, engineers, and inventors than to engage their curiosity and critical thinking skills from a young age? We’ve rounded up more than 30 STEM books for kids filled with adventurous storylines, captivating illustrations, and hands-on activities to inspire young, curious minds.

Whatever the Weather: Learn About Sun, Wind and Rain by Steve Parker, Jen Metcalf, and Carolina Attia (Illustrator)

Recommended for Ages 8 and Up

STEM Books for Kids
Whatever the Weather by Steve Parker, Jen Metcalf, and Carolina Attia (Illustrator) (Little Gestalten)

Calling all future meteorologists! If you’ve ever wondered how the weather works, this book is for you.

Whatever the Weather explains complex processes in ways that children can easily understand. This book goes well beyond simply explaining the workings of basic forecasts and seasonal change.

Young readers will find answers to many of their questions including how fog forms, why certain animals can predict inclement weather, and how the impacts of global warming take shape.

Bat Citizens: Defending the Ninjas of the Night

STEM Books for Kids
Bat Citizens by Rob Laidlaw (Pajama Press)

Celebrated animal activist and biologist Rob Laidlaw illuminates readers with important and fascinating facts about bats.

How does a bat’s biology work? How have bats impacted human history and vice-versa? Why are bats so important to maintaining biodiversity?

Informational sidebars, color photographs, illustrations, and more help to answer these and many other questions. Bat Citizen inspires readers to join in conservation efforts around the world, empowering even the youngest “bat citizens” to work together to help defend the Ninjas of the Night.

Lindsey the GIS Professional by Tyler Danielson

STEM Books for Kids
Lindsey the GIS Professional by Tyler Danielson (ESRI)

This book for grades 1-5 uses the story of Lindsey, an avid mapper, to explain how to collect, process, and use information to create a map by working with a geographic information system (GIS). This book introduces key concepts around GIS, an essential part of STEAM education. Readers will further their spatial analysis and critical thinking skills which better prepare students for success in the fields of science, engineering, and mathematics. This book also has a Spanish language edition, Lindsey La Profesional de SIG. Young readers can enjoy more STEAM-themed stories with other titles from the STEAM at Work series including Parker the Planner, Sam the Landscape Architect, and Will the Civil Engineer.

Britannica First Big Book of Why by Sally SymesStephanie Drimmerand Kate Slater (Illustrator)

STEM Books for Kids
Britannica First Big Book of Why by Sally Symes, Stephanie Drimmer, and Kate Slater (Illustrator) (Britannica Books)

This book is the perfect gift for curious young readers age 4 and up who want to know why. Why do elephants have trunks? if penguins are birds, why can’t they fly? Why do clouds form different shapes?

This lavishly illustrated book answers more than 100 questions with verified answers from Britannica experts.

Young readers can explore a wide range of topics. Learn about everything from animals to outer space. Clear and accessible explanations encourage curious minds to continuously learn more about the world around them.  

Amazing Rivers: 100+ Waterways That Will Boggle Your Mind by Julie Vosburgh Agnone and Kerry Hyndman (Illustrator)

STEM Books for Kids
Amazing Rivers: 100+ Waterways That Will Boggle Your Mind by Julie Vosburgh Agnone and Kerry Hyndman (Illustrator) (What On Earth Books)

Explore some of the most fascinating rivers in the world with Amazing Rivers. Readers looking for discovery and adventure can learn about more than 100 rivers around the world. This book makes the perfect gift for kids who want to learn about nature, wildlife, and how water shapes our traditions and societies.

Readers can learn even more about our world with Earth Is Big. Understand our planet on a whole new scale – multiple scales in fact! How big is Earth compared to an animal? A galaxy? A particle? Find out all this and more!

MinuteEarth Explains: How Did Whales Get So Big? and Other Curious Questions about Animals, Nature, Geology, and Planet Earth by MinuteEarth

Recommended for Ages 8-10

STEM Books for Kids
How Did Whales Get So Big? (Dragonfruit)

From the scientists, writers, and illustrators at MinuteEarth comes their debut illustrated science book for children.

Dive into subjects like geology, ecology, and biology in a way that’s fun for young readers. This book’s engaging illustrations help kids retain facts about animals, nature, weather, and other wonders of our world, making science memorable and enjoyable. Capture your child’s imagination and encourage their curiosity with this humorous and thoroughly-researched book.

Young Trailblazers: The Book of Black Inventors and Scientists by M. J. Fievre and Balacuit (Illustrator)

Recommended for Ages 8-12

STEM Books for Kids
Young Trailblazers: The Book of Black Inventors and Scientists by M. J. Fievre and Balacuit (Illustrator) (Dragonfruit)

Learn about history’s Black trailblazers, including scientists and inventors that changed the world.

Get to know historical figures like Katherine Johnson who helped pioneer U.S. space missions, Garrett Morgan who invented the traffic signal, James West who invented the microphone, and famed scientist George Washington Carver. Learn about incredible contributors to literature, entertainment, education, STEM, business, military, law, government, activism, sports, spirituality, and more.

This book introduces young readers to Black history and encourages them to dream big so they, too, can one day change the world.

The Bridge to Sharktooth Island: A Challenge Island STEAM Adventure by Sharon Duke Estroff, Joel Ross, and Mónica de Rivas (Illustrator)

Recommended for Ages 7-10

The Bridge to Sharktooth Island by Sharon Duke Estroff, Joel Ross, and Mónica de Rivas (Illustrator)(West Margin Press)

This adventure story and children’s activity book lets readers interact with the story through STEAM activities you can do at home.

Just like the story’s protagonists, Daniel, Joy, and Kimani, kids can build a bridge of their very own and create a blue slime ocean filled with paper sharks. Follow Daniel, Joy, and Kimani to uncover clues, solve mysteries, and escape from Sharktooth Island!

Making Simple Robots: Easy Robotics Projects for Kids Using Everyday Stuff by Kathy Ceceri

Recommended Ages 11-17

Making Simple Robots: Easy Robotics Projects for Kids Using Everyday Stuff by Kathy Ceceri (Make)

Whether you’re a kid, teacher, parent, or non-engineer, you too can create robots out of everyday materials. Learn how to make robots by knitting, sewing, folding paper, and even using a hot glue gun.

This book helps beginners progress from basic craft skills to using the latest products and tools. Clear diagrams and photographs make it simple to build your first robot and advance your skills. By following each chapter’s suggestions, you can invent and reinvent projects through modifications and expansions, growing your skill set over time. 

The STEAM & ME Series

Recommended for Ages 4-8

Artificial Intelligence by Dinah Williams (Starry Forest Books)

The STEAM & Me ™ series from Starry Forest Books combines educational books and activity books for kids to encourage learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Young scientists, engineers, and biologists can explore a range of subjects including Artificial Intelligence, Dinosaurs, Green Energy, Horses, Puppies, Robots, Sharks, and Space Exploration. Fuel the imagination with hands-on activities, clear information, fantastic photos, and ideas that will make you see the world in a whole new way.

My STEM Day Series

Recommended for Ages 8-12

My Stem Day: Science: Packed with Fun Facts and Activities! by Anne Rooney (Welbeck)

The My Stem Day series from Welbeck Children’s focuses on each letter of the STEM acronym with My STEM Day: Science, My STEM Day: Technology, My STEM Day: Engineering, and My STEM Day: Math.

Dynamic illustrations and fun activities reinforce the lessons taught in each book and show how each subject impacts the world around us. If you’re looking for science or math activity books for kids, definitely check the My STEM Day series.

The Steam Tales Series

Recommended for Ages 8-12

Steam Tales: Alice in Wonderland by Katie Dicker (Welbeck)

Like STEM books for kids, STEAM books cover science, technology, engineering, and math, with additional coverage of the arts. The STEAM Tales series introduces STEAM to children through two classic stories turned activity books, STEAM Tales: Alice in Wonderland and STEAM Tales: Around the World in 80 Days.

These adaptations of famous tales each include 20 hands-on activities such as puzzles, experiments, and more to fuel the imagination and encourage enquiring minds. Create new projects at the end of each chapter to explore the themes presented in the books.

Minecraft STEM Challenge

Recommended for Ages 6-8

Minecraft STEM Challenge Build a City by Anne Rooney (Carlton Kids)

These two books from Carlton Kids, Minecraft STEM Challenge Build a City (Independent & Unofficial) and Minecraft STEM Challenge Build a Theme Park (Independent & Unofficial), apply STEM principles to the wildly popular game, Minecraft. Learn about design, construction, and materials.

How does math impact architecture? How does physics determine the speed of your roller coaster? Learn the principals of STEM while enjoying history’s best selling video game.

The Masterminds Series

Recommended for Ages 7-11

Masterminds: Katherine Johnson by Izzi Howell (B.E.S.)

The Masterminds Series from B.E.S. shares the life stories of STEAM pioneers including Katherine Johnson, Stephen Hawking, George Washington Carver, Jane Goodall, Marie Curie, and Leonardo DaVinci.

These STEM books for kids highlight these important figures, their lives, inspirations, and the marks they have left on the world. Today’s young readers are likewise encouraged to make their own impact on the world.  

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