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Knit Yourself Something Warm with These 12 Cozy Knitting Books

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Knit Yourself Something Warm with These 12 Cozy Knitting Books

Knit Yourself Something Warm with These 12 Cozy Knitting Books

It’s pretty chilly out there, friends! Time to knit yourself something cozy and warm. Whether you’re a beginner or a needlework ninja, these books will help you get started on some comfy, stylish knitwear – from socks to sweaters and more!

If you’d like to purchase any of these books, we’d highly recommend seeking out your local independent bookstore. Your business helps ensure the survival of these vital cultural institutions during this difficult time.

1. Japanese Knitting: Patterns for Sweaters, Scarves and More by michiyo

Cover Art for Japanese Knitting
Japanese Knitting: Patterns for Sweaters, Scarves and More by michiyo (Tuttle)

A whole new world of fashionable Tokyo-style knitwear designs opens to experienced needle crafters in Japanese Knitting: Patterns for Sweaters, Scarves and More. It is the first Japanese needlework book to be translated into English. Knitting and crochet websites across the globe often feature the work of renowned Japanese designer michiyo. Her minimalist aesthetic and textural elements make her knitwear styles polished and flattering, whether worn layered or as stand-alone pieces. With this Japanese knitting pattern book, experienced knitters and needleworkers can create a diverse collection of effortless-looking items ranging from a pair of soft slippers to a structured jacket.

2. Cable Knits from Nordic Lands by Ivar Asplund

Cover Art for Cable Knits from Northern Lands
Cable Knits from Northern Lands by Ivar Asplund (Trafalgar Square Books)

Swedish knitting phenom Ivar Asplund learned how to work cables from his grandmother and was smitten right away—such marvelously intricate designs, and yet at their heart the underlying principles were so simple. A few stitches trading places here and there, and suddenly flowing braids, interwoven figures of eight, or classic x-and-o patterns came to life before his eyes.

In this compelling collection, available for the first time in English with US terminology and measurements, Asplund invites knitters to join him in exploring the possibilities, combining his grandmother’s well-loved lessons in time-tested cabling techniques with the exquisite simplicity of modern Scandinavian style.

1000 Japanese Knitting & Crochet Stitches : The Ultimate Bible for Needlecraft Enthusiasts
by Nihon Vogue

Cover Art for 1000 Japanese Knitting & Crochet Stitches
1000 Japanese Knitting & Crochet Stitches by Nihon Vogue (Tuttle)

1000 Japanese Knitting & Crochet Stitches is a treasure trove of needlecraft patterns and motifs for experienced knitters and crocheters seeking to create and better understand the infinite variety of their craft. This Japanese reference work is beloved by knitters the world over, and the English version will allow even more crafters to enjoy these techniques.

This dictionary includes 700 original knitting stitch patterns and 300 original crochet patterns that have inspired many modern Japanese knitwear designs. You’ll find classic lacy, cable, Aran, Fair Isle, Nordic, ethnic patterns; geometric, botanical, and animal motifs; and so much more. This one-stop reference has detailed stitch diagrams showing how to execute over 60 different knitting stitches and over 40 different crochet stitches. Each pattern is charted with a delineation of the pattern repeat.

4. Chic & Simple Chunky Knits by Eriko Teranishi

Cover Art for Chic & Simple Chunky Knits
Chic & Simple Chunky Knits by Eriko Teranishi (Tuttle)

Bring the hygge home with these chic and cozy chunky knits.

This book shows you how to use jumbo knitting needles and crochet hooks, or just your hands and arms, to create fun, trendy accessories for yourself and your home. Even if you’re a beginner, this book is for you. Chunky knitting uses thick yarn, so it’s easy to work with without worrying about being too precise. The effect is intentionally lumpy and thick—hence the name “chunky knits.” Although the knitting is quick and easy, the results are charming.

5. Big.Knit.Love by Linda Zemba Burhance

Cover Art for Big.Knit.Love
Big.Knit.Love by Linda Zemba Burhance (Taunton Press)

Big Yarn = Big Style! Big, bold, and beautiful, chunky yarns are knitting up big fashions! Big.Knit.Love. celebrates the big stitches created with bulky, jumbo, and roving yarns in the 20 fashion-forward designs from knitwear designer Linda Zemba Burhance. Called one of the most important knitting trends by Lion Brand Yarn, knitting with chunky yarns is less structured than knitting with standard-sized needles and yarns, so it is perfect for anyone who wants to make simple yet stylish patterns in no time.

6. Knit Like a Latvian: Socks by Ieva Ozolina

Cover Art for Knit Like a Latvian
Knit Like a Latvian by Ieva Ozolina (David and Charles)

Knit yourself a pair of stunning Latvian socks with this collection of traditional Latvian sock knitting patterns. There are 50 different styles to choose from including simpler variations of the socks such as leg warmers and ankle socks so, even if you are an inexperienced knitter, you can create a beautiful traditional design.

7. Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie

Cover Art for Animal Hats
Animal Hats by Vanessa Mooncie (Taunton Press)

A cuddly kitty cat, a sweet panda with distinct black and white spots, a cute little rabbit with floppy ears. No, you’re not visiting a petting zoo— these are some of the adorable animal hats you can learn to knit with Animal Hats! Featuring patterns for 15 knit hats in a host of critters—including a chicken, frog, penguin, pig, monkey, and more—this pint-sized book packs a punch in the easy-to-do, fun-to-knit category. You can even learn how to add a fleecy lining for extra warmth and coziness. Yes, animal hats like these are hot, and with these clever patterns, knitters of all skill levels can create endearing hats to wear, to give, and to garner all kinds of compliments.

8. Simple Knits Mittens & Gloves by Clare Crompton

Cover Art for Simple Knits Mittens & Gloves
Simple Knits Mittens & Gloves by Clare Crompton (David and Charles)

A fantastic selection of knitting patterns from established designer and best-selling author Claire Crompton, author of The Knitter’s Bible and Knitter’s Bible project books. Featuring strong designs across a range of styles for the new-to-knitting market, all the projects included are either Beginner, Easy or Intermediate skill level, and the majority are Easy. As well as patterns and project instructions, you will also find an explanation of the abbreviations used, a knitting needle conversion chart, a skill level key, a standard yarn weight chart, knitting techniques and making-up techniques.

9. Mittens from Around Norway by Nina Granlund Saether

Cover Art fro Mittens Around Norway
Mittens from Around Norway by Nina Granlund Saether (Trafalgar Square Books)

Tour the wonders of Norway without ever setting down your knitting needles! Let crafting expert Nina Granlund Sæther guide you through Norway’s mountains, rivers, and countryside as you delve into 400 years of Scandinavian knitting history. Reconstructed from historical sources or drawn directly from the author’s familiarity with Norwegian pattern knitting, more than 40 textile treasures are collected here—with instructions translated into English, and measurements and references adapted for American knitters—from the well-loved Selbu mittens to lesser-known delights whose fascinating origins have been carefully traced.

10. The Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor

Cover Art for The Big Book of Socks
The Big Book of Socks by Kathleen Taylor (Taunton Press)

Welcome to Kathleen Taylor’s latest knitting extravaganza – a sock party in a book! The author of the best-selling Knit One, Felt Too and I Heart Felt is back with everything you ever wanted to know about socks, with 75 patterns to prove it. The Big Book of Socks is chock full of Kathleen Taylor’s fun and fabulous designs for knitters of all ages and skill levels. There’s something for everyone from stripes to cables to lace to intarsia and Fair Isle. You’ll find funky toe-socks, snowflake house socks, booties, Christmas stockings, beaded socks, and many, many more. Taylor’s instructions are a breeze to follow and she includes a special section that gives three different approaches to heel and toe construction. Each pattern contains sizing for children, women, and men, plus the book is packed with technique tips and information on selecting yarn and needles.

11. Easy Knitted Fingerless Gloves by Nihon Vogue

Cover Art for Easy Knitted Fingerless Gloves
Easy Knitted Fingerless Gloves by Nihon Vogue (Tuttle)

From the editors of Nihon Vogue—the Japanese publisher of worldwide knitting bestsellers by Hitomi Shida, Yoko Hatta, Keiko Okamoto, and other top knitting designers—Easy Knitted Fingerless Gloves presents an updated take on a favorite cool-weather accessory with classic patterns like Fair Isle, Aran, cables, and knit-and-purl, all knitted using Japanese charts and techniques.

12. Maja’s Swedish Mittens by Maja Karlsson

Cover Art for Maja's Swedish Mittens
Maja’s Swedish Mittens by Maja Karlsson (Trafalgar Square Books)

Maja Karlsson, Swedish knit designer and author of the popular Traditional Swedish Knitting Patterns, is back with over 30 patterns for mittens of all kinds—gusseted, cuffed, ribbed, flip-top, and more, plus a handful of half-gloves and wrist warmers—with unique designs rooted in distinctly Swedish stories, landscapes, and wildlife, to create the perfect collection for anyone looking to master the art of knitting Scandinavian mittens.

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