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Embrace the Beauty of The Great Outdoors With Our Curated Collection of Nature Photography

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Embrace the Beauty of The Great Outdoors With Our Curated Collection of Nature Photography

Embrace the Beauty of The Great Outdoors With Our Curated Collection of Nature Photography

This collection of books highlighting some of the most stunning flora and fauna in our world, from iconic landmarks to quiet moments you can capture in your own backyard. 

North Carolina Waterfalls by Kevin Adams

North Carolina Waterfalls by Kevin Adams (Blair)

In this third edition of his classic photography/ hiking guide, Adams showcases his own beautiful color photographs. This complete compendium lists 1,000 waterfalls, and Adams specifically highlights more than 300 of the best waterfalls found in North Carolina with full descriptions, comprehensive directions, and four-color photographs. Since the first edition of Kevin Adams’s North Carolina Waterfalls in 1994, this book has sold almost 65,000 copies. In that time, Adams has established a widespread and well-respected reputation as a photographer, naturalist, writer, and teacher.

America’s Eden by John R. Tschirch

America’s Eden by John R. Tschirch (Giles)

In 1789, Jedidiah Morse described Newport and its environs as the “Eden of America” in the First Geography of the United States. America’s Eden: Newport Landscapes through the Ages builds on this legendary image of a centuries-old paradise, and establishes Newport as a cultural landscape of national significance.

The comprehensive history from European settlement to the present day is illustrated by a treasure trove of rare period maps, paintings and photographs by prominent artists, and drawings and sketches by leading designers. The book serves as a critical resource guide encompassing landscape architecture, fine art, tree and plant propagation, and the conservation of natural sites. A rich story of art, design and horticulture awaits readers among the gardens, gazebos and trees of Newport.

The New Outsiders by Gestalten, Bowman Jeffrey

The New Outsiders by Gestalten, Bowman Jeffrey (Gestalten)

The New Outsiders celebrates outdoor creativity. Fresh ideas, adventurers and sustainable entrepreneurs inspire a new outdoor generation to live a life less ordinary under the open sky.

The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography by Glenn Randall

The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography by Glenn Randall (Rocky Nook)

Author Glenn Randall is an experienced wilderness photographer, and whether you want to venture into the mountains for once-in-a-lifetime shots of raw nature, or simply hone your landscape photography skills from the safety of your back deck, Randall explains the art, science and craft behind creating stunning landscape photographs.

This fully updated edition of the best-selling first edition includes nearly all new imagery throughout the book, as well as a new first chapter, Photographic Essentials, to help beginners to landscape photography get up to speed quickly. Additionally, this second edition takes into account how Randall’s techniques have changed and evolved since the first edition published–from photographic practices to how he uses smart phones and apps as important and powerful tools for landscape photography.

Eighty-Eight Views of Mt. Fuji by Pie International

Eighty-Eight Views of Mt. Fuji by Pie International (Pie)

A photography book of Mt. Fuji seen from various places in Japan. Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan and a constant calming presence for Japanese people, shows many different faces of the mountain depending on the season, the viewpoint and the time of day. This book showcases eighty-eight different expressions of Mt. Fuji taken from various places in Japan, such as at the foot of the mountain itself, from other mountains, and a city far away.

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben, Jane Billinghurst

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben, Jane Billinghurst (Greystone Books)

In his internationalbestseller The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben opened readers’ eyes to the amazing processes at work in forests every day. Now this new, breathtakingly illustrated edition brings those wonders to life like never before.

With compelling, abridged selections from the original book and stunning, large-format photographs of trees from around the world, this gorgeous volume distills the essence of Wohlleben’s message to show trees in all their glory and diversity. Through rich language highlighting the interconnectedness of forest ecosystems, the book offers fascinating insights about the fungal communication highway known as the “wood wide web,” the difficult life lessons learned in tree school, the hard-working natural cleanup crews that recycle dying trees, and much more. Beautiful images provide the perfect complement to Wohlleben’s words, with striking close-ups of bark and seeds, panoramas of vast expanses of green, and a unique look at what is believed to be the oldest tree on the planet.

The Nature of Yosemite by Robb Hirsch

The Nature of Yosemite by Robb Hirsch (Yosemite Conservation)

This beautifully produced deep dive into Yosemite National Park features stunning photography by Robb Hirsch and fascinating natural history from knowledgeable contributors.

Yosemite is like nowhere else on Earth.Within its vast expanses are spectacular granite mountains, glacially carved valleys, thundering waterfalls, delicate meadows, grand trees, and charismatic wildlife. From his years of exploring and studying California’s Sierra Nevada, Robb knows that understanding natural processes can thoroughly enhance a visitor’s connection to the landscape.

In this book, Robb provides that enriching experience by calling on experts to contribute insights into the natural wonders on view. The images and essays work together to draw readers into a deeper relationship with their favorite national park.

Black Flora by Teresa J. Speight, Dawn M. Trimble (Illustrator)

Black Flora by Teresa J. Speight, Dawn M. Trimble (Illustrator) (Bloom Imprint)

There is a rich, beautiful, complex, and diverse narrative being told by African Americans and other persons of color in the floral marketplace. It is long past time to recognize their excellence and contributions to cut flower farming and floristry. Garden writer, podcaster, and blogger Teresa J. Speight of Cottage in the Court shares her interviews and profiles with leading pioneers and explores their lives rooted in the floral world.

Radiance by Robin Baker Leacock

Radiance by Robin Baker Leacock (G Editions)

Radiance: Worth Reimagined is the perfect self-help book to soothe the constant chaos inherent to our lives in our current historical moment. With the help of Leacock’s advice, readers will be able to discover their inner peace and radiate it outward towards others. This self-discovery book is designed to be especially helpful to women, helping them powerfully connect with their inner beauty in order to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Wings Over Water by Wings for Wetlands LLC

Wings Over Water by Wings for Wetlands LLC (Flashpoint)

A beautiful, photo-rich companion book to the internationally distributed IMAX film of the same name, Wings Over Water celebrates the prairie wetlands of North America and the birds that live and breed in this critical habitat. Covering 300,000 square miles stretching from Canada through Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa, the prairie wetlands are one of Earth’s most important, yet little-known, ecosystems. More than half of all North American migratory waterfowl and 96 species of songbirds breed and nest there, and more than 60 percent of the continent’s ducks are hatched there. Wings Over Water immerses readers in this awe-inspiring, essential region, using more than 300 breathtaking photos and inspiring essays from some of North America’s foremost conservationists to shine a spotlight on these critical breeding grounds and the need to protect them. Wings Over Water is a joint venture of the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, which works to secure the future of hunting, fishing, and land management; Ducks Unlimited Inc., Wetlands America Trust, and Ducks Unlimited Canada, the world’s largest nonprofit organizations dedicated to conserving North America’s disappearing wetland and waterfowl habitats; and the National Audubon Society, the world’s oldest nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to bird conservation.

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