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Burn After Writing Teen: The Teen Version of the TikTok Phenomenon

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Burn After Writing Teen: The Teen Version of the TikTok Phenomenon

Burn After Writing Teen: The Teen Version of the TikTok Phenomenon

TikTokers are going crazy about Burn After Writing, a national bestselling guided journal designed specifically to be…well, burned (or tossed or hidden) after writing in it.

TikTok user Ollie (@oliviacarmenmilan) racked up over 1.1 million views when she posted about the book, calling it the “best book I have ever ordered”.

A version of the book designed specifically for teenagers is also available: Burn After Writing Teen from “counter-culture publisher par excellence” Carpet Bombing Culture.

Cover Art for Burn After Writing Teen
Burn After Writing Teen by Rhiannon Shove (Carpet Bombing Culture)

Burn After Writing Teen, which is available now online and from local bookstores, is the work of UK-based writer Rhiannon Shove, who created the book as a labor of love when she was a teenager.

It functions as a guided journal, full of questions, lists, prompts, quotes, either/or statements, and a whole lot more to encourage teenagers to think, reflect, and most of all have fun.

The latest edition of the book includes full-color graphics, new prompts and questions, and is the perfect way (despite its TikTok fame) for teenagers to unplug from social media and spend some time reflecting.

According to the publisher, “Burn After Writing is an interactive book that invites you to face life’s big questions. Who are you now? How did you get here? Where are you going? Some questions are fun, some are deep and some are just plain random. Approach them with courage and creativity. There are no wrong answers. You can take it deadly seriously, or just have fun with it, or both. It’s up to you.”

Video courtesy of Carpet Bombing Culture

Ready to pick up your copy? You can find it at all the usual online places, but as always we’d encourage you to shop at your local bookstore wherever possible!

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