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Hello! Welcome to This Book That Book, a site dedicated to bringing you the best books from independent publishers and small presses.

Here you’ll find reading lists, book recommendations, and a bunch of other fun stuff for book lovers like you. We partner with over 500 independent publishers and small presses around the world to bring you the best in books that other sites might miss.

We’re also dedicated to supporting local bookselling heroes – independent booksellers and bookstores who make the literary world go round. If you see something you love, we encourage you to buy it at your local indie bookstore whenever possible. You can look up your local bookstore here.

The full disclosure part: this site is a property of Ingram Content Group. Our network of independent publishers is drawn from the extensive list of independent publishers distributed by Ingram. From cookbooks to photography to literary fiction to beautiful pictures of chickens, our partner publishers do it all.

So, stick around and browse to your heart’s content. And thanks for reading. We think it’s a good thing to do.


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