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10 Kids Books to Keep Kids Educated and Entertained at Home

Kids Books

10 Kids Books to Keep Kids Educated and Entertained at Home

10 Kids Books to Keep Kids Educated and Entertained at Home

Need some help keeping the kids distracted (and learning) while you take your 36th Zoom call of the day? We got you.

If you’d like to purchase any of these books, we’d highly recommend seeking out your local independent bookstore. Your business helps ensure the survival of these vital cultural institutions during this difficult time.

1. Absolutely Everything by Christopher Lloyd

Cover Art for Absolutely Everything
Absolutely Everything by Chistopher Lloyd (What On Earth Books

There’s no better way to keep kids entertained and learning than Christopher Lloyd’s colorful and vibrant guide to…well, everything! How was our universe made from a tiny speck of energy? Where did the first trees, plants, animals and humans come from? What happened to the dinosaurs? What was so miserable about medieval times? How were railroads and electricity invented? What are the perils of global warming?

From the Neanderthals to the Wright Brothers, from the Silk Trade to the Industrial Revolution, from dinosaurs to plastic, embark on an entertaining journey across millennia and continents. With photos, illustrations, timelines and maps in every chapter, there is no better way to understand the Earth’s entire history.

2. Build It! Volume 1 by Jennifer Kemmeter

Cover Art for Build It Volume One
Build It! Volume 1 by Jennifer Kemmeter (West Margin Press)

This simple, step-by-step instruction guide will allow your kids to build a whole host of fun creations with a LEGO® classic set. Inside Volume 1 you’ll find a range of creative models to put together–from animals to airplanes, street scenes to seascapes and much more, created using the LEGO® Classic set 10693, or bricks you already have at home. Each book in this interactive series contains 3-5 projects featuring a diverse range of models. Full color diagrams guide you through the process, enhancing the fun.

3. Big Ideas for Curious Minds by Alain de Botton and The School of Life

Cover Art for Big Ideas for Curious Minds
Big Ideas for Curious Minds by Alain de Botton (The School of Life)

A fun, friendly introduction to some big philosophical ideas and thinkers for ages 8 and up. Without prompting children often ask some of the largest questions about time, mortality, happiness, and the meaning of life. Yet all too often their inborn curiosity is not developed and, with age, the questions fall away. This book addresses some of their more complex questions by introducing accessible philosophical concepts from 25 famous thinkers, contextualized in relatable everyday scenarios. Presented in an interactive question and answer format this book takes us to meet leading figures of philosophy from around the world and from all eras—and shows us how their ideas continue to matter.

4. Make 24 Paper Planes

Cover Art for Make 24 Paper Planes
Make 24 Paper Planes (B.E.S.)

Paper plane lovers of all ages are in for a treat! This kit contains folding and flying instructions for 24 fantastic paper airplanes, from the simple dart to the high-precision shark to exciting varieties that deliver on acrobatics and speed! For the best paper planes, the secret is in the fold, and this book features easy-to-follow diagrams that show exactly how it’s done. Thick, durable pages are already printed with 24 full-color planes, ready to make and fly. Readers simply follow the folding instructions, use the elastic bands and clips for support and weight, and ready their creations for take-off! The best part? A bonus launcher that can power planes to over 15 mph! Everything is housed in a convenient case for modeling on the go.

5. My First Spot the Difference

Cover Art for My First Spot the Difference
My First Spot the Difference (B.E.S.)

If you have children aged 3 to 6, then this one is for you. Help your little readers practice their visual thinking, pen control, and hand-eye coordination with these simple mazes and dot-to-dot puzzles. Straightforward questions spur them on to solve puzzles while tracing over and connecting dotted guidelines helps them to complete colorful pictures. Get them thinking, writing, counting, and laughing as they take on each intriguing challenge.

6. My First Book of Quantum Physics by Sheddad Kaid-Sala Ferrón and Eduard Altarriba

Cover Art for My First Book of Quantum Physics
My First Book of Quantum Physics by Sheddad Kaid-Sala Ferrón and Eduard Altarriba (Button Books)

A fantastic read for ages 8 and up, this hardcover picture book provides a colorful introduction to quantum physics for little scientists everywhere! How can atoms exist in two places at once? And just how can a cat be dead and alive at the same time? Find out more with this entertaining illustrated guide to the fascinating, mysterious world of quantum physics.

7. Ultimate Dot-to-Dot by Gareth Moore

Cover Art for Ultimate Dot-to-Dot
Ultimate Dot-to-Dot by Gareth Moore (B.E.S.)

We’re not going to lie, this one can also be just as soothing for grown-ups. You’ll find hundreds of intricate dots to connect and projects to complete that are devilishly difficult…and wickedly fun. Put pen or pencil to paper and you’ll soon free amazing animals, discover stunning objects, find intricate scenes, and so much more. Watch everything from lions to lizards, owls to peacocks magically appear as you complete these complex, varied, and challenging puzzles that dare you to keep making connections and having a great time while you do it.

8. Bird Log Kids

Cover Art for Bird Log Kids
Bird Log Kids (Adventure Publications)

Birdwatching has become many people’s new favorite pastime in quarantine. Get kids involved with this logbook full of fun bird facts, games, and projects! The book includes 30 log pages that guide kids to record their most important observations, both written and drawn; an illustration of a bird body with all the parts labeled for easy identification; 2 pages of common words that every young birder needs to know; and a “life list” to record up to 32 birds that they’ve seen.

9. Rock Collecting for Kids by Dan R. Lynch

Cover Art for Rock Collecting for Kids
Rock Collecting for Kids by Dan R. Lynch (Adventure Publications)

The perfect book for a budding young geologist! This children’s guide to rock collecting includes a beginner’s introduction to geology, an identification section for 75 types of common and collectible rocks and minerals, and a “how to” section.

10. Twelve Nights at Rotter House by J.W. Ocker

Financial Peace Jr
Financial Peace Jr. Kit (Ramsey Press)

More than just a book, this kit for ages 3 to 12 helps introduce kids to money and money management in a way that’s accessible and fun! It’s packed with tools, resources and step-by-step instructions for parents. What can be intimidating is made ultra-easy. There are ideas for activities and age-appropriate chores, and you’ll have all the tools you need to make learning about money a part of your daily life. 

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